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Robotics Camp

SMART Core Labs offers a unique STEAM enrichment camp focused on Engineering, Robotics & Coding. The week-long (5 days) camp includes:
  • Coding – Campers will cover concepts in Python & C#
  • Robotics – Campers will understand, design, & compete in Robotics activities using the EV3 Mindstorm platform
  • Engineering – Campers will review the Engineering Design process and integrate projects with 3D Printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Drones
  • Graduation – Certificate ceremony w/ lunch
Coding - Game Maker Studio
How do we create our first game? We'll be using the Game Maker Studio 2 software to work on a basic platformer game in the Metroidvania style. We'll learn how to code user interfaces and control mechanisms in order to be able to create the necessary systems that can make a game work. We'll also work with graphics manipulation to learn how to edit our graphics to make them suitable for games, so we will learn some image editing skills as well. By the end of this project, we'll have a complete platformer game project including movement, enemies, traps, a health system, and level navigation!
Coding - Java & Modding Minecraft
Campers will learn about Java as well as how to use it to create coding modifications for the game Minecraft. We'll learn how to use Eclipse and how to set up a developer environment as well as more advanced topics in Java including classes, objects, and how we can use them to create new Minecraft content such as new items, blocks, or new game functionalities!
Coding - Python
YouTube, Google, Instagram, Spotify – What do all of these software programs have in common? Python! Venture into the practically infinite realm of computer programming language that is the foundation of many of the biggest websites. Campers will learn this popular coding language to complete several projects, such as creating a basic role playing game.
Electronics - Raspberry Pi/Arduino
What is a circuit? How do they work? This week, we'll learn how to put circuits together to accomplish introductory tasks as well as learn about the individual components in a circuit. Lastly, we'll spend time working with some basic coding that will allow us to control the circuits through dynamically altering input voltages.
Engineering - Drone Crafting
It’s time to put on your Captains hat for one of the most exciting weeks to come, Drone Engineering! Campers will not only engineer their own quadcopters, but also learn what it takes to be a true aviator! How do aircraft navigate the vast and mysterious skies?
Robotics - EV3 Mindstorms
Its time to master the Mindstorm! Campers will go learn the basics and fundamentals of the EV3 rover by assembling it from scratch and programming it to complete numerous challenges and obstacles. From ultrasonic to infrared, students will combine multiple types of sensors with motors and block programming to create a practically autonomous rover that is able to measure, respond, and react to their environment.

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